Arlene: worked as a school counselor for over 10 years and she always had a love for storytelling. As a kid, she was an avid fan of The Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, and Nancy Drew and used to spend her free time after school writing short stories for her friends & family, dreaming that she would one day write books. Besides raising 3 kids and writing with her husband Matthew, she is always on the hunt for gummy bears.

Ellen: began reading at an early age. As she grew up she was lucky enough to have boxes from her Mom of empowering classic girl’s adventure and mystery series’ like Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames and Trixie Belden. Her career led her into the the world of marketing and events and then entertainment, where she works with her husband Trevor building worlds like those she likes to read about. She is currently compiling a box of books for their toddler daughter to enjoy when she is ready.

Matthew: when he was 5, he wanted to be a member of The Goonies, when he was 9, he wanted to be the fifth member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and when he was 12, he wanted to be in the X-Men. As an adult, he discovered that it’s a lot more fun creating a cool team instead of joining an old one. He spent over 10 years working in education before writing full-time. When he and Arlene aren’t writing together, they’re raising their 3 kids.

Trevor: was a world builder from the very start. Taking his toys and creating elaborate universes and storylines was a daily activity in Trevor’s boyhood home. He always loved the stories and books his Father read him, everything from the Chronicles of Narnia and the Dark is Rising to the Indian in the Cupboard. Now Trevor has the best job ever and gets to create worlds like those and share them with everyone.


Wook: when Wook isn’t drawing awesome books like The Not-So Secret Society, Megagogo, The Return of King Doug, Adventure Time, and Regular Show, he loves to read manga and watch wrestling. And drink coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.


Whitney: has always loved books. Growing up she liked to find all sorts of stories, from comics to novels, and then reenact scenes with her many siblings. When she's not editing comics, or stuck in traffic, you can find her rearranging her apartment for the umpteenth time and terrorizing her calico, Eleanor.

Matt: grew up in Drive-In Theaters and Blockbusters and was raised on a healthy diet of Universal Monsters, Comics, and Van Morrison records. He has a deep love for the escapism of story-telling and appreciates nothing more than a good book at a diner counter. He worked in T.V. before making the move to Comics and spends his free time trying to play guitar like B.B. King.

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